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We’re serious about business. Kinda.

Fun and Slightly Educational Books for Kids!

Our mission is to teach children about the professional world from the very youngest age, while poking fun at ourselves a little a bit. We write books that are fun for children and even more fun for adults – whether or not they have kids themselves!

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Our Books!

Check out our books! Fun for baby and parent, and written by experts!

The ABCs of Sales

An inside look at sales. For kids and their parents.

The ABCs of
Data Science

For future Data Scientists by current Data Scientists

The ABCs of Product Management

A/B Testing? Specs? Ping? Bugs? We got it all!

The ABCs of Investment Banking

Get started early on becoming an Investment Banker

The ABCs of Consulting

Get started early on becoming a Management Consultant

The ABCs of Law

Get started early on becoming an esquire

The ABCs of Medicine

Introduce your child to the world of medicine!

Compound Interest for Babies

Introduce your child to the magic of compounding!

Whats inside

A hilarious look at the world of business, through the eyes of a child.

27 full-color pages of illustrations following the whole team. From The ABCs of Law.

Walk the life of a Management Consultant, from getting an MBA to your first slide deck. From The ABCs of Consulting

Inside jokes and references for parents. Cute and funny animals for kids and babies.

Walk in the shoes of professionals such as Consultant Cat, Partner Panda, and Professor Penguin.

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About Us

We think kids should learn to be professionals early, and parents should laugh at themselves.

Raamin Mostaghimi

is a management consultant, lover of dad jokes, and new father. He has an MBA from Harvard and Bachelors from Johns Hopkins. He had some trouble explaining his job to his newborn daughter in terms she understands, and he figured other working professionals might be having the same issue – so hopefully these books help get the message across!

Varun Bhartia

just enjoys making people laugh and building new things. Tons of his friends are having babies, including Raamin, and he wanted to give both the baby and family a unique and funny gift. He started making fun covers of possible books and sending them to his friends. His friends loved and actually wanted a copy. He teamed up with Raamin and started making books for fun!. Varun is kinda of a business professional. He is the founder of a technology start up, Hack Hive. He completed his MBA at Harvard, but learned the most by building products used by millions of people.

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